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An Open Letter Thanking the Tampa Bay Lightning

It’s an unlikely city for hockey – on Alt Nation (Sirius) I routinely hear DJ’s complaining about the cold months and then saying “but if you’re in Florida never mind.” We’re known for palm trees and beaches and sweat in January… hockey seems out of place. But Tampanians love the Lightning! Jeff Vinik buying the Lightning ...

4 mins

How I’d Like to Live

Over a year ago, I wrote a note on my phone with thoughts on how I’d like our family’s life to look. I was feeling very reactionary, responding to things as they happened and not having a clear written set of goals for how we approach life. Since last April, I look at this list at least ...

6 mins

The Beauty of Uganda

Yesterday, my son Charles and I returned from 2 weeks in Uganda. I wrote some of my thoughts on Uganda‘s culture while there. As we flew 9000 miles to return home, I reflected how much the beauty of eastern Uganda had settled my mind; God’s green brush strokes on a red dirt canvas. We have a tendency, in the states, ...

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Robyn and I have made the decision to adopt from foster care! “We can’t change what people have been through, but we can change whether they’re on their own in it.”

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The Ezra Matthews Story

This is a summary video of the Ezra Matthews story – my son has Neuroblastoma cancer.