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Running Ragnar as an Ultra Team: Ragnar Cape Cod 2018

6 of us ran Ragnar Cape Cod this past Fri/Sat as an Ultra team (6 people, 183.6 miles). 5 of us had participated in a traditional team (12 people) at Ragnar Michigan last year, so we had some familiarity with the event structure. Mandy, our 6th, had never run a Ragnar and joined the team ...

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Switching to Hyundai

Eventually in this post I’ll get to us switching to Hyundais in the Matthews home! Robyn and I first met Ashley Martin Burnette‘s mom Nicole at the NMTRC Symposium in 2014. She is a vibrant cancer-mom, much like Robyn, and I enjoyed hearing her words as we sat in group discussions around the future and present of ...

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How I’d Like to Live

Over a year ago, I wrote a note on my phone with thoughts on how I’d like our family’s life to look. I was feeling very reactionary, responding to things as they happened and not having a clear written set of goals for how we approach life. Since last April, I look at this list at least ...

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11 Reasons I Love Living and Working in Tampa

Robyn and I moved to Tampa from Seattle in 2005 to help out my family, who’d moved here in 2003. Our plan was always to move home after a few years, and until the last few years that’s what we were gearing up for. Now, we’re loving Tampa, and all in as a part of this ...

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The Beauty of Uganda

Yesterday, my son Charles and I returned from 2 weeks in Uganda. I wrote some of my thoughts on Uganda‘s culture while there. As we flew 9000 miles to return home, I reflected how much the beauty of eastern Uganda had settled my mind; God’s green brush strokes on a red dirt canvas. We have a tendency, in the states, ...

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Mbale, Uganda, Africa

tl;dr – I spent two weeks in Uganda this June, and fell in love with the country. Uganda is a burst of color. The brash reddish brown dirt trampled under every public space is matched in vibrancy by the ever-present greens of tropical plant life. Pair these with the proud brightness of the locals’ clothing, ...

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Canceling Cable

We recently canceled our cable. It’s been about 4 months now, so I thought I’d share how it’s gone. In a nutshell – great. Our Setup Pre-Cancel We had Brighthouse cable here in Tampa, with high-speed internet (40 MB/s). The total cost each month with HBO/Showtime was around $240/month. As digital video has become more ...

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The Race Track

I spent some time at the High Plains Raceway in September. The event was an MCCA – CECA open model event. The cars were pretty crazy, so I took some pics. Click here to see all the pics and a couple short vids.

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Cure on Wheels

I’ll be riding at the Cure on Wheels 100 mile bike ride. Sponsor our team!