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The Beauty of Uganda

Yesterday, my son Charles and I returned from 2 weeks in Uganda. I wrote some of my thoughts on Uganda‘s culture while there. As we flew 9000 miles to return home, I reflected how much the beauty of eastern Uganda had settled my mind; God’s green brush strokes on a red dirt canvas. We have a tendency, in the states, ...

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The Race Track

I spent some time at the High Plains Raceway in September. The event was an MCCA – CECA open model event. The cars were pretty crazy, so I took some pics. Click here to see all the pics and a couple short vids.

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No Off Switch Productions

Just finished a new logo and simple site redesign for my friend AJ Hurley over at No Off Switch Productions. No Off Switch Productions does videography and photography, and is based in the Tampa area.

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[PIC] Wait

All Children’s Hospital. iPhone 4, edited with Camera+.

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[PIC] Empty Rooftop

Empty parking lot on top of All Children’s Hospital in St Pete, FL. iPhone 4. Edited with Camera+.