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11 Reasons I Love Living and Working in Tampa

Robyn and I moved to Tampa from Seattle in 2005 to help out my family, who’d moved here in 2003. Our plan was always to move home after a few years, and until the last few years that’s what we were gearing up for. Now, we’re loving Tampa, and all in as a part of this ...

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The Technology Behind a Successful Non-Profit Event

On Friday Because of Ezra had our third annual Karaoke for the Kure in Tampa. We raised over $60,000, with a mission of funding childhood cancer research. In just under 2 weeks we’ll be in Las Vegas doing it again. We’ve been amazed at the support and incredible people we’ve experienced along our journey from the day ...

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The Beauty of Uganda

Yesterday, my son Charles and I returned from 2 weeks in Uganda. I wrote some of my thoughts on Uganda‘s culture while there. As we flew 9000 miles to return home, I reflected how much the beauty of eastern Uganda had settled my mind; God’s green brush strokes on a red dirt canvas. We have a tendency, in the states, ...

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Mbale, Uganda, Africa

tl;dr – I spent two weeks in Uganda this June, and fell in love with the country. Uganda is a burst of color. The brash reddish brown dirt trampled under every public space is matched in vibrancy by the ever-present greens of tropical plant life. Pair these with the proud brightness of the locals’ clothing, ...

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8 Things I Learned Working from Home

I started working from home full time in 2008. I was 26, and ModMyi.com (then only a year old) had started making enough for me to quit my “normal person job.” While my wife Robyn worked at the local pie shop (really) to help cover the bills, we were living in a 1000 square foot apartment in ...

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Robyn and I have made the decision to adopt from foster care! “We can’t change what people have been through, but we can change whether they’re on their own in it.”

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Fuse – You’re one social person. Get one social app.

Fuse brings together all your favorite social networks in one beautiful experience. Ryan Negri (founder of NegriElectronics.com) and I created the app – and you can get Fuse in the App Store as of today. The concept came from a simple issue – every morning I wake up, I open Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In to ...

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Acquiring Brooks Motorsport Composites

In January ModMy, LLC (the company Cody Overcash and myself own) acquired Brooks Motorsport Composites. It’s a fun, small company which creates custom aero solutions for auto sports. Previous focus had been on custom carbon fiber race wings for BMWs, although we’re now expanding to Porsche, Acura, Chrysler, and more – if we don’t have ...

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Promoting Apps with “Smart App Banners” on your Site

If you’ve got an app for your website or company, odds are you’d like to let your users know about it when they visit your site. Previously, we’d been using an annoying (yes, I know it was annoying) modal js snippet which popped up a window essentially saying “hey! we’ve got an app”. Before you ...

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AT&T Blocking our Site?

(Note: this issue is already resolved, I’m posting about it only as an interesting happening.) tl;dr – Many users with AT&T as their home ISP users couldn’t access ModMyi.com for 6 days, turned out they were blocking CloudFlare IPs, and CloudFlare moved serving us to another IP, fixing the issue. ModMyi.com gets over a million ...

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