Acquiring Brooks Motorsport Composites

Custom carbon fiber race wings.

In January ModMy, LLC (the company Cody Overcash and myself own) acquired Brooks Motorsport Composites. It’s a fun, small company which creates custom aero solutions for auto sports. Previous focus had been on custom carbon fiber race wings for BMWs, although we’re now expanding to Porsche, Acura, Chrysler, and more – if we don’t have measurements for your car yet, we’d love to work with you to get them (simple!) and expand our offerings.

Our main two products are the Elite wing (best for cars with 350WHP+), and the Pro wing (best for anything under 350WHP). They’re all custom built to order, with various mounting solutions available.

The racing scene is a passionate, fun group of people, and we’re having a blast getting involved and creating some cool things (like giant splitters that may have needed better mounting, ha). If you’re the type who’s into racing, check out our products, order online, or drop us a line!

You can also connect with Brooks Motorsport on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Hey i need a layback style wing for my e36 m3 turbo 800whp love the look everyones talking about you guys. Are you still producing this item? Im in for one.

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